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ROK Versus Bad Beans

Rok espresso maker and ROK grinder versus bad beans

A well-made espresso is photogenic and I often share pictures of my brews on social media. Admittedly, it’s easier to pull nice looking shots of espresso on the ROK espresso maker when you use super-fresh, high-quality beans. A more budget-conscious coffee drinker who buys less fancy beans from the local supermarket may end up producing coffee that’s not as photogenic (for what it’s worth) as the ones I put up on Instagram. I’m often asked by ROK users why their espresso doesn’t look like mine. It’s probably a bit short-sighted of me to just encourage folks to buy better beans, but that’s often my first response. Obviously, it’s not only about the beans, but also method and equipment play a big part.

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Taking apart your ROK for cleaning

disassembled rok espresso maker

It’s been a few months since I took my ROK apart for cleaning. It’s so easy to do, I really should do it more often. Leaving it for a long time can make the cylinder hard to get out. You’ll find the inside of the main aluminium frame probably has some oxidisation. Mine does. Just wipe it with a damp cloth – nothing abrasive. You won’t get it all off. You can use a mix of white vinegar and water. I just use water. Wipe the coffee residue from the plunger and o-ring too. Store your ROK with the filter seal out to allow better drying. Always dry your ROK thoroughly after use.

The ROK out & about

It’s great to see folks out there are making the most of our gears versatility.

Getting out into nature doesn’t mean you can’t have good coffee. It’s nice to see the ROK in such good company! Thanks  UNSEALED 4X4 & Campertrailermagazine

Where’s your kitchen today?

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Where to buy ROK espresso maker:

Australia: https://espressounplugged.com.au/rok
Canada: https://espressounplugged.ca/rok
New Zealand: https://presso.co.nz/rok
USA/International: https://espressounplugged.com/rok


Meet up @HQ

HQbrewupAs Scout rolled into town as part of his Road-Trip, we had a meet up at Espresso Unplugged HQ over the weekend, and after a chilly night camping out at the beautiful Cromwell Farm, got busy making and talking coffee. It was great to get to play with some new gear, like the Bellman Steamer, Knock tube & a ROK Tamper – all of which will be hitting the Australian store very soon.

Scout set up his road-kitchen, and we experimented with milk steaming techniques, while I garnered some new tips on coffee dosing and measurements.

We are all really excited about having assembled a kit that you are going to just love, and we can’t wait to get it available so we can hear what you think too.

Scout’s Road Trip

Latte art from Bellman Steamer

No art prizes here, but with practice I’m getting there.

A few years back, we had a great coffee road trip across the USA. Aside from just wanting an adventure, we also wanted to prove our gear really was capable of making great coffee anywhere. We did prove it and had a lot of fun doing so.

We’re well overdue for another adventure, so next week I’m heading off on the first Espresso Unplugged Australian road trip. I’ll be packing up my tent and leaving Melbourne, bound for Cromwell Farm near Byron Bay. Cromwell Farm is Espresso Unplugged HQ.

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How my Home-coffee-making-life changed.

ImageI first received a Presso as a gift for becoming a father nearly 4 years ago, and ever since (until recently getting a ROK), I’ve used it daily. It was certainly a godsend in those first few months of family life, and continues to be the most used appliance in our kitchen.

As a working Barista on and off for the last 15 years I surprisingly never gave too much thought on how I could enjoy coffee at home, apart from the occasional Plunger brew. Suffice to say I was hooked (all over again).

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