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ROK Versus Bad Beans

Rok espresso maker and ROK grinder versus bad beans

A well-made espresso is photogenic and I often share pictures of my brews on social media. Admittedly, it’s easier to pull nice looking shots of espresso on the ROK espresso maker when you use super-fresh, high-quality beans. A more budget-conscious coffee drinker who buys less fancy beans from the local supermarket may end up producing coffee that’s not as photogenic (for what it’s worth) as the ones I put up on Instagram. I’m often asked by ROK users why their espresso doesn’t look like mine. It’s probably a bit short-sighted of me to just encourage folks to buy better beans, but that’s often my first response. Obviously, it’s not only about the beans, but also method and equipment play a big part.

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Coffee Pop-ups with Espresso Unplugged

Like most online businesses, we don’t get many opportunities to meet folks outside of an email inbox. As a result, when someone suggests we do another coffee pop-up, we don’t need much convincing. Not only do we really enjoy getting away from our computers and the warehouse, we love meeting folks face to face and talking about coffee.

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Iced Coffee with the ROK grinder and Espresso Maker [VIDEO]

Check out this great video from our friends at Langsom.

ROK Coffee Grinder Videos

Here’s a collection of ROK coffee grinder videos. The videos cover everything from squeaks, to recalibration, burr alignment, static and more.

Clearing a squeak

Adjustment wheel recalibration

Aligning the conical burr

Checking the outer fixed burr

Static (Ross Droplet Technique)

Basic instructions

Washer removal

Using the Ross Droplet Technique for Coffee Grinder Static

Water on coffee bean

Photo by Hybel

This morning I decided to put the Ross droplet technique (RDT) to the test and see if it is as effective at addressing static and grinds retention as I was led to believe. I wouldn’t say I was a skeptic, but certainly I had never had any need for, or interest in, trying it out. I saw a good discussion on Home Barista about using the method on some other grinders and was impressed with the before and after photos people had shared.

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ROK coffee grinder review

ROK coffee grinder

— UPDATE 23rd November —
We’ve collected a bunch of ROK grinder videos that address some of the topics covered in our review, here:
We also did some more static tests and tried out the Ross Droplet Technique, here:

Now that Indiegogo backers’ ROK grinders have started shipping we’re seeing some in depth feedback and reviews online. Overall, the feedback has been positive, both from those folks lucky enough to have already received their grinders and also by the team here at Espresso Unplugged.

We do share some of the minor gripes we’ve noted in various reviews and have detailed them below. It should be noted that none of these niggling issues have diminished our enjoyment and appreciation for the product. It’s a great bit of kit. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we don’t sell gear we don’t use and love.

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ROK Coffee Grinder available for pre-order

ROK coffee grinder

UPDATE: Read our detailed review of the ROK coffee grinder.

The ROK Coffee Grinder is now available for pre-order in Australia and New Zealand. We’re expecting grinders to ship out to customers in November.

New Zealand:

Sign up for email updates on arrival and shipping dates here:

ROK coffee grinder is nearly here.

ROK coffee grinder

UPDATE: Read our detailed review of the ROK coffee grinder.

The first production run of ROK coffee grinders is due for QC in a few days. If that goes well (fingers crossed!) then Indiegogo backers should get some good news shortly after. Espresso Unplugged Australian and New Zealand will be one of the first places you can buy a ROK grinder. We’ll post information about pre-sales really soon.

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