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Coffee + AeroPress + hiking in the Swiss Alps

Tim Shirey recently shared a great video of his newly purchased ROK espresso maker and naked portafilter producing a beautiful espresso pour. I checked out Tim’s other videos and found this great Aeropress demo with spectacular scenery and a clear guide to the inverted method. As a result, I’ve never wanted to be further away from my office and computer than I do right now. Amazing.

Espresso Anywhere – Take your coffee off the grid

Our talented mate, Scott, has put together another unplugged coffee masterpiece. Check out this video of Scott and his family doing the off-the-grid, unplugged coffee thing, the way it’s meant to be done. Pack up your coffee kit and get out in the world. You’ll see cameos from the ROK espresso maker, Handpresso, Minipresso and a Porlex grinder.

Camp Coffee is the Best Coffee


Photo credit: Elly Jackman

“Great coffee, anywhere” – Yes, it’s a marketing strap line, but it’s one we live by. We don’t just sell manual, portable coffee gear – we use and love it at home, on the road, camping – you name it. We’d all be looking for other jobs if we sold stuff we didn’t believe in – we’d get bored and probably go out of business.

It’s incredibly satisfying for us when we hear from customers who love our coffee gear as much as we do. Even more satisfying is seeing people getting out of the kitchen and taking their gear on the road. That’s what we’re all about.

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Scout’s Coffee Roadtrip Round Up

In July of this year I took to the roads and campsites of Victoria and NSW for a 4000km Espresso Unplugged road trip. Before the trip, a team brainstorming session resulted in the idea of “Where’s your kitchen today?”. We posed that with the right equipment, it shouldn’t matter where your kitchen is – you should be able to make coffee that’s as good as the $4 latte you’d find at a hip inner city cafe. This provided some of the inspiration for my road trip. The idea of brewing and drinking awesome coffee in remote and beautiful locations is pretty good motivation.

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The ROK out & about

It’s great to see folks out there are making the most of our gears versatility.

Getting out into nature doesn’t mean you can’t have good coffee. It’s nice to see the ROK in such good company! Thanks  UNSEALED 4X4 & Campertrailermagazine

Where’s your kitchen today?

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 12.33.25 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 12.36.21 PM

Where to buy ROK espresso maker:

New Zealand:


Meet up @HQ

HQbrewupAs Scout rolled into town as part of his Road-Trip, we had a meet up at Espresso Unplugged HQ over the weekend, and after a chilly night camping out at the beautiful Cromwell Farm, got busy making and talking coffee. It was great to get to play with some new gear, like the Bellman Steamer, Knock tube & a ROK Tamper – all of which will be hitting the Australian store very soon.

Scout set up his road-kitchen, and we experimented with milk steaming techniques, while I garnered some new tips on coffee dosing and measurements.

We are all really excited about having assembled a kit that you are going to just love, and we can’t wait to get it available so we can hear what you think too.

Hot Water on the Go

kettle and burnerI was asked what I recommend for hot water when on the go. I use a GSI Halulite kettle and Kovea burner (pictured on the right). On our recent team camping trip, one of the guys had a jetboil and I was pretty impressed by it:

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