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ROK Coffee Grinder Videos

Here’s a collection of ROK coffee grinder videos. The videos cover everything from squeaks, to recalibration, burr alignment, static and more.

Clearing a squeak

Adjustment wheel recalibration

Aligning the conical burr

Checking the outer fixed burr

Static (Ross Droplet Technique)

Basic instructions

Washer removal

Choose your own adventure: Cold Brew and Cold Drip Coffee

As the weather warms up here in Australia, cold brew coffee comes back on to the radar. There’s a number of ways to enjoy cold coffee and making it is super-easy. You can make cold brew with a simple low-tech set-up like a glass jar, or hack your Aeropress or invest in some of the more advanced systems we cover below.

Cold Brew or Cold Drip

Cold Brew – coffee and water are mixed at the start of the process and can be steeped for up to 15 hours. The grounds are then filtered out. Depending on the coffee to water ratio used, you can make either a ready-to-drink brew or a strong coffee concentrate for mixing with milk (or whatever takes your fancy).

Cold Drip – The water is added (dripped) on to the coffee very slowly – anywhere between 2 to 6 hours depending on the flow rate. The already filtered cold brew drips out the bottom into a jug. Cold drip is generally brewed as a concentrate for mixing.

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Using the Ross Droplet Technique for Coffee Grinder Static

Water on coffee bean

Photo by Hybel http://hybel.deviantart.com/

This morning I decided to put the Ross droplet technique (RDT) to the test and see if it is as effective at addressing static and grinds retention as I was led to believe. I wouldn’t say I was a skeptic, but certainly I had never had any need for, or interest in, trying it out. I saw a good discussion on Home Barista about using the method on some other grinders and was impressed with the before and after photos people had shared.

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ROK coffee grinder review

ROK coffee grinder

— UPDATE 23rd November —
We’ve collected a bunch of ROK grinder videos that address some of the topics covered in our review, here: http://blog.espressounplugged.com/2015/11/23/rok-coffee-grinder-videos/
We also did some more static tests and tried out the Ross Droplet Technique, here: http://blog.espressounplugged.com/2015/10/14/using-the-ross-droplet-technique-for-coffee-grinder-static/

Now that Indiegogo backers’ ROK grinders have started shipping we’re seeing some in depth feedback and reviews online. Overall, the feedback has been positive, both from those folks lucky enough to have already received their grinders and also by the team here at Espresso Unplugged.

We do share some of the minor gripes we’ve noted in various reviews and have detailed them below. It should be noted that none of these niggling issues have diminished our enjoyment and appreciation for the product. It’s a great bit of kit. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we don’t sell gear we don’t use and love.

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Taking apart your ROK for cleaning

disassembled rok espresso maker

It’s been a few months since I took my ROK apart for cleaning. It’s so easy to do, I really should do it more often. Leaving it for a long time can make the cylinder hard to get out. You’ll find the inside of the main aluminium frame probably has some oxidisation. Mine does. Just wipe it with a damp cloth – nothing abrasive. You won’t get it all off. You can use a mix of white vinegar and water. I just use water. Wipe the coffee residue from the plunger and o-ring too. Store your ROK with the filter seal out to allow better drying. Always dry your ROK thoroughly after use.

Naked and Dangerous: The Bottomless Portafilter

The spout of a regular portafilter sure makes it look like your espresso is coming out in a nice neat stream, doesn’t it? It gives you the impression that everything inside the basket is as it should be. How nice. Isn’t coffee wonderful and easy? La la la.


Once you take the bottom off your portafilter you may discover that it’s an absolute shambles in there. Coffee may shoot every which way and land anywhere but in your cup. I’m sorry to report it’s not the naked portafilter that’s letting you down – you have some homework to do.

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Knocking with your ROK


Before I got a Knock tube, I used to bang my portafilter against the garbage bin. I nearly broke it, so I started just scraping out the coffee with a teaspoon. I did this for about a year and no time did I ever notice scratches on the portafilter basket because of the spoon scraping.

A great idea Scout came up with, is to simply remove the wire from around the inner casing of the portafilter. This allows you to put in and pull out the basket with ease, and is also handy for dosing and measuring, as well as cleaning.

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