Cafflano Klassic coffee maker outdoors

There’s nothing like getting out of the house or office and making coffee in the great outdoors. This is especially true on a sunny Winter day, after a string of cold, gloomy days here in Melbourne, Australia.

This week I took the Cafflano Klassic and gave it the camp coffee treatment. I’m always interested in whether a portable coffee maker is any good once you take it out of the kitchen and try to use it in the wild.

The all-in-one design of the Klassic certainly works in its favour. There’s no denying that it’s a tidy, compact package. You could easily throw the Klassic in your backpack. At 470 grams it’s lighter than my usual travel choice of Aeropress + Porlex grinder.

The coffee grinder component is effective if a little bit fiddly. The settings adjustment takes some getting used to as it’s not very intuitive. Fortunately, once you have it set correctly, you’re unlikely to need to change the setting again.

Due to the open hopper, coffee beans may attempt escape while you’re grinding. You’ll need to stabilise the Klassic while grinding, by holding it firmly on a flat, stable surface. Alternatively, you could sit down and secure it between your knees. I made the mistake of trying to grind while standing up and sent half my beans into the dirt.

I chose to grind 20 grams of beans and used 300 grams of water (About two measures of the Klassic pouring kettle). I added half of the water and let it extract before adding the rest. I didn’t time the extraction, but it is relatively slow even with a coarser grind setting. I’d guess contact time is around 5-6 minutes. With a longer brew like this, I’d expect the coffee to taste over-extracted and bitter, but that wasn’t the case. The resulting brew was very enjoyable. For these reasons, I recommend choosing lighter roasted (filter) coffee beans.

The dual-walled cup holds the heat very well. Even without a lid, my coffee retained heat long enough for me to take my time and enjoy my coffee. I do wish Cafflano had included a lid for the cup, though. Without a lid, the cup is not well suited for drinking coffee while walking, driving, etc. This didn’t bother me however as I was more interested in taking my time with my coffee and soaking up the warmth of the Winter sun.

Overall I’d say the Cafflano Klassic coffee maker/grinder combo is an excellent choice for folks who want to take their coffee off the grid, whether you’re camping, cycling or hiking.

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