Like most online businesses, we don’t get many opportunities to meet folks outside of an email inbox. As a result, when someone suggests we do another coffee pop-up, we don’t need much convincing. Not only do we really enjoy getting away from our computers and the warehouse, we love meeting folks face to face and talking about coffee.

Our coffee pop-ups are a great opportunity for you to get a closer look at, and even get hands-on with our unplugged coffee equipment. You can grind, brew, steam and taste what all of our gear is capable of. If you’d prefer, we’ll even brew up a coffee for you.

If you’re already an owner of some of our gear, you can come to a pop-up and grill our resident coffee geeks for tips on all aspects of manual brewing or on coffee in general. Be warned though, once we get started talking about coffee, it can be hard for us to stop.

Unsurprisingly, the ROK espresso maker attracts a lot of attention at the pop-ups. Without fail, my favourite part is how amazed folks are as the espresso starts pouring. I don’t think I’ve ever demo’d the ROK and not had people “ooh” and “aah” as espresso hits the cup. Folks are perhaps surprised to discover that the ROK isn’t just a pretty face.

The ROK coffee grinder and Bellman milk steamer are also attention grabbers. Teamed up with the ROK espresso maker, the versatility of a fully unplugged coffee set-up is easy to appreciate. We’ll never convert everyone to manual brewing, but I challenge even the most hardened fully-automatic, button-pushing coffee drinker to remain unimpressed by what we have to offer.

So if ever we’re popping up near you, please come and visit. We’d love to meet you!