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Month: January 2016

Weighing your coffee

Weigh the coffee going in. Weigh the coffee coming out. It might sound a little ridiculous, but I do this every time I make coffee including with the ROK espresso maker. As a result, I make better coffee more consistently.

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Kids Try Coffee For The First Time

“It’s almost as bad as asparagus”

EU introductions: Meet Scout.

I’m Scout, AKA Jase. I’m EU’s First Mate, keeper of the keys, and coffee geek. If it happens online, I’ve probably had a hand in it.

Scout from Espresso Unplugged

EU Introductions: Meet Greg.

Being a mostly online business, we don’t get nearly enough opportunities to introduce ourselves. It’s important to us that folks know there are real, hard-working, and passionate people behind Espresso Unplugged. Here’s the first of a few introductions: meet EU’s captain, founder and excitement ant, Greg.

Greg from Espresso Unplugged

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