Photo credit: Elly Jackman

“Great coffee, anywhere” – Yes, it’s a marketing strap line, but it’s one we live by. We don’t just sell manual, portable coffee gear – we use and love it at home, on the road, camping – you name it. We’d all be looking for other jobs if we sold stuff we didn’t believe in – we’d get bored and probably go out of business.

It’s incredibly satisfying for us when we hear from customers who love our coffee gear as much as we do. Even more satisfying is seeing people getting out of the kitchen and taking their gear on the road. That’s what we’re all about.

We recently got a great email from Elly, who shared with us a great photo series from some of her travels, including some incredible shots of the ROK espresso maker out in the wild.

You can find Elly, on Facebook at Elly and the Trollop. Thanks Elly!