We’ve been busy bees getting some exciting new items added to our Australian and New Zealand Espresso Unplugged websites this month. New additions include a heavyweight coffee tamper, a new hand grinder and milk steaming jugs. Read on for a round-up of the new kit.

The Top Shed ROK Tamper

Stamper-ss-adjtill on the topic of tampers (see last post), we’re very excited to introduce the new 600 gram, flat based, 316 grade stainless steel tamper from Top Shed. This is a serious bit of gear, and is custom made to specifically fit the ROK and Presso portafilter baskets.

Australia: http://espressounplugged.com.au/rok-presso-tamper-by-top-shed
New Zealand: http://presso.co.nz/rok-presso-tamper-by-top-shed

Cera Hand Grinder

cera-grinder-standingThe Cera is a new coffee grinder with a very similar build to the Porlex range. It’s a large capacity grinder with a comforable silicone grip and a handy carry bag. A slightly larger diameter than the Porlex makes it a perfect fit for dosing into the ROK or Presso portafilter.

Australia: http://espressounplugged.com.au/cera-coffee-grinder
New Zealand: http://presso.co.nz/cera-coffee-grinder

Milk Steaming Jugs

jugsThe perfect complement to the Bellman Stove-top Steamer is here. The 600ml stainless steel milk steaming jug. Featuring a comfortable handle, spout designed for latte art, and an incremental measurement scale with ounces and millilitres.

We also have a limited run of Black Teflon covered jugs for those of you that want something easier to clean, a little more durable, or just like it darker.


Stainless Steel: http://espressounplugged.com.au/stainless-steel-milk-steaming-jug-600ml
Black teflon: http://espressounplugged.com.au/black-teflon-milk-steaming-jug-600ml

New Zealand

Stainless steel: http://presso.co.nz/black-teflon-milk-steaming-jug-600ml-120
Black teflon: http://presso.co.nz/black-teflon-milk-steaming-jug-600ml