ImageThe outdoors isn’t the only place the Porlex grinder is helpful, and grinding coffee isn’t it’s only use.

Greg recently put his knife through over 20kgs of Dexter Top side from Cromwell Farms, and mixed up a new wet cure, one including an ingredient close to our hearts – Coffee.  And we can’t wait to try it.

In this recipe he used a Light Roast Ethiopian, and it’s ground using the Porlex Hand Grinder- as is the Juniper Berries and Pepper. Coffee use is a recent trend in curing meat, as the bold coffee flavor complements the smoky flavor of the grill.
The ceramic burrs on the Porlex will stay sharper longer than steel burrs, and stay cooler when you grind. So it really is an added bonus to any household kitchen.

Are there any herbs, spices or other ingredients you like to grind with the Porlex? We’d love to hear about it -let us know!

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