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Month: June 2014

ROK and Presso Refurbishment Kits and Spare Parts

presso-repair-kitThey’re built to last, but it doesn’t mean you can’t give them some love. It’s super easy to maintain or repair your ROK, Presso & Aeropress. We have the parts and advice you need to get the most out of your gear. Check out our Refurb kits – you can easily do it yourself, but if you need any help, give us a shout.

Australia: http://espressounplugged.com.au/spare-parts
USA / International: http://espressounplugged.com/spare-parts
Canada: http://espressounplugged.ca/en/spare-parts
New Zealand: http://presso.co.nz/spare-parts

See how easy it is:

Scout’s Road Trip

Latte art from Bellman Steamer

No art prizes here, but with practice I’m getting there.

A few years back, we had a great coffee road trip across the USA. Aside from just wanting an adventure, we also wanted to prove our gear really was capable of making great coffee anywhere. We did prove it and had a lot of fun doing so.

We’re well overdue for another adventure, so next week I’m heading off on the first Espresso Unplugged Australian road trip. I’ll be packing up my tent and leaving Melbourne, bound for Cromwell Farm near Byron Bay. Cromwell Farm is Espresso Unplugged HQ.

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Top Shed Top Side.

ImageThe outdoors isn’t the only place the Porlex grinder is helpful, and grinding coffee isn’t it’s only use.

Greg recently put his knife through over 20kgs of Dexter Top side from Cromwell Farms, and mixed up a new wet cure, one including an ingredient close to our hearts – Coffee.  And we can’t wait to try it.

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A Beautiful Object, Beautifully Photographed.

We love these photos by our new mate, Gevon. There’s no doubt the ROK is a beautiful object, especially when photographed by someone so talented!

Photo credit: Gevon.

How my Home-coffee-making-life changed.

ImageI first received a Presso as a gift for becoming a father nearly 4 years ago, and ever since (until recently getting a ROK), I’ve used it daily. It was certainly a godsend in those first few months of family life, and continues to be the most used appliance in our kitchen.

As a working Barista on and off for the last 15 years I surprisingly never gave too much thought on how I could enjoy coffee at home, apart from the occasional Plunger brew. Suffice to say I was hooked (all over again).

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Espresso Unplugged Pop-up in Melbourne

Come along to the first Espresso Unplugged pop-up for 2014. We’re setting up at the Tolarno Hotel in St Kilda on Friday the 16th of May. We’re planning on drinking our haul from the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (15-18 May) and we’ll need some help. The coffee’s free and there’s no entry fee for the pop-up. Come along and get blasted on good coffee with us.

Espresso Unplugged Pop-up
Tolarno Hotel, 42 Fitzroy St, St Kilda, Victoria
9am Friday 16th of May

Espresso Unplugged pop-up flyer

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